Resource Share: As You Wish

In blog post, After Loss Advisors founder Kylee Bandy has a conversation with Allison Welch, founder of As You Wish. As You Wish provides lifestyle concierge and personal assistance in Colorado.

Kylee Bandy & Allison Welch

5/20/20242 min read

Allison Welch is the founder of As You Wish. As You Wish is a personal assistance and lifestyle management firm based locally here in Colorado. With 14 years in operation, their unique and customized approach is a perfect resource for those in need of support.

After Loss Advisors has chosen to partner with As You Wish as an added resource to families and individuals, and they can support in many ways! Read on below to learn more.

Kylee Bandy: Welcome, Allison! Thank you for being here today to share more about how As You Wish can support families and individuals after a loss, and in general. Why is As You Wish a great partner to families in need?

Allison Welch: Thank you, Kylee. It's great to be here and share more about how we support families during such challenging times. Our lifestyle coordinators go into hard situations with empathy and compassion. One of our long-time clients recently lost her husband of 60 years. Our team assisted with setting up funeral and celebratory events, and then downsized our client from their long-time home into a condo. Getting these very hard items off of her to-do list gave her time to grieve and be with her family. We hope that we can be of assistance to others.

Kylee: That sounds incredibly supportive. What does the relocation process involve?

Allison: Relocating a grieving family or individual involves first allowing them to process their emotions and ensuring they have support from loved ones and professionals. Next, we carefully plan the move by researching potential new locations considering the financial and logistical aspects, and partnering with senior placement professionals. Finally, we donate items the loved one’s favorite charity, pack items, hire movers and unpack in their new home. If a partner, spouse, or other relative is staying in the same home, we can assist them in going through items and donating them or giving them to other family members.

Kylee: It's wonderful that you provide such personalized and thorough assistance. How else do you help families manage their day-to-day needs during this difficult time?

Allison: Getting assistance during a hard time can alleviate stress. As You Wish caters to families who need items done around the house that was left for them to do. We may hire landscapers to help with yard care, grocery shop, install holiday décor, or assist in planning a celebration of life event. Just know that there are professional resources out there to assist in this difficult time.

Kylee: Allison, thank you so much for sharing the amazing work you do at As You Wish Colorado. It's clear that your services provide essential support to families during some of their most challenging times.

Allison: Thank you, Kylee. It’s an honor to be able to help families when they need it most.

Kylee: If anyone is looking for support or more information about As You Wish, you can find your website linked in this post. After Loss Advisors is here to help you navigate your journey, including with referrals and partnerships with wonderful resources and people like Allison.