What partners do you work with on my loved one's estate?

We are not attorneys, financial advisors, or CPA's, but do work with any existing service partners you or your loved one may have had. If you do not already have trusted professional partners such as these, we can facilitate connections for clients in these and other professional fields.

What areas and locations do you serve?

We offer two areas of service - After Loss Consulting and Legacy & Estate Organizing. Our in-person services are available within the red outline in the image below. We are happy to offer our services virtually for clients outside of this area in Colorado and nationally.

What are the "logistical and practical" matters after someone dies?

Following the loss of a loved one, there are many tasks that aren't currently covered by existing professional resources. Many families don't realize how taxing and time consuming some of these matters can be. Calling to cancel or transfer account ownership with utility providers, changing titles on deeds or vehicles, transitioning ownership of financial accounts, and closing social media accounts are just some of the logistical and practical matters that After Loss Advisors is able to assist with.

When do I start working with After Loss Advisors?

For our Legacy Planning Packages - ASAP! We are eager to help you start or continue your advance planning to provide peace of mind for you and your loved ones.

For After Loss Consulting, many clients find us in the weeks following the loss of their loved one, however, we are able to begin providing guidance and resources to clients immediately following the loss of their loved one.

What documents do I need to work with you?

Once we have met for a consultation and you have decided that After Loss Advisors is the right fit for your needs, we can often help you locate or access helpful documents and information in order to close your loved one's estate. These can include the death certificate, legal documents, financial documents and statements, policy documents, physical mail, and even their "digital estate" (email, cell phone, etc.).

After Loss Advisors: Frequently Asked Questions

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Disclaimer: After Loss Advisors LLC does not claim to be be attorneys, financial advisors, or CPAs. We do partner with these resources when needed, and can connect you with our network of vetted professionals. Any information or communication you provide to After Loss Advisors LLC is not protected by an attorney-client privilege and are instead governed by our Privacy Policy. For additional information, please review our Terms & Conditions.

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