After Loss Consulting

We handle the logistics so you can focus on grieving - on your own terms.
Where to start...

Losing a loved one can be an overwhelming experience, filled with grief and sadness. Unfortunately, it also comes with a number of tasks, often without much guidance of where to start. From notifying family and friends to handling legal and financial matters, the responsibilities can feel insurmountable.

This is where After Loss Advisors comes in. We can help identify and take these overwhelming tasks off your plate, or stand by your side to coach you through the process along the way, allowing you to focus on mourning and healing. Whether through tackling financial matters, determining what paperwork needs to be completed and who needs to be contacted, or connecting you with trusted professional partners, we are at the ready to help provide logistical relief.

Black white cloudy sky after loss advisor’s after a loss Colorado death care coaching consulting
Black white cloudy sky after loss advisor’s after a loss Colorado death care coaching consulting
Our Services

Our After Loss Consulting services are designed to meet the unique and individual needs of each client.

With our hourly based packages, you will receive...

Direct support from one of our advisors to identify and take overwhelming tasks off your plate. The work we do will be tailored to meet your specific needs, with regular meetings for updates and connection.

All clients will receive a customized task management plan that will be completed by your advisor with your involvement. Areas of service can include:

  • Documentation and Accounts

  • Property and Real Estate Coordination

  • Financial Asset Inventory

  • Digital Estate Management

  • Miscellaneous Research and Task Completion

  • Service Partner Coordination and/or Referral (estate attorneys, financial planners, CPAs, etc.)

Let's Connect

Email: hello@afterlossadvisors

Tel: 970.439.0592

Disclaimer: After Loss Advisors LLC does not claim to be be attorneys, financial advisors, or CPAs. We do partner with these resources when needed, and can connect you with our network of vetted professionals. Any information or communication you provide to After Loss Advisors LLC is not protected by an attorney-client privilege and are instead governed by our Privacy Policy. For additional information, please review our Terms & Conditions.

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